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All buyers of Citimark homes receive a homeowner orientation shortly before moving in as well as a comprehensive homeowners manual. Please read it thoroughly as it contains helpful advice, contacts and specific details of the new home warranty service provided.

Please list warranty repair items in the form. After reviewing your service request, a representative will contact you to arrange for an appointment for the necessary repairs. Warranty work appointments are availble Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If a back-ordered part or similar circumstance causes delay, you will be notified.

Interior Warranty Items
Please notify us within your first year of ownership if you have any warranty issues. Describe in detail the issue you are having and we will do our best to address it as soon as possible.

Exterior Warranty Items
For any concerns regarding the exterior of your home, including landscaping, please notify your property manager.

Service Request


Every Citimark home in British Columbia is covered by a 2-5-10 year new home warranty and is built under a license from the Homeowner Protection Office of British Columbia.​

The 2-5-10 year new home warranty coverage includes:​

    • 12-month labour and material warranty
    • 15-month common property labour and materials warranty​
    • 24-month warranty on delivery and distribution systems for gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning​
    • 5-year building envelope warranty​
    • 10-year structure warranty

​The Homeowner Protection Office is a regulatory body that licenses builders of new homes in British Columbia. Builders must go through an application process, which has recently been improved for the benefit of the homeowner. Citimark meets the requirements and standards of quality that both the real estate development community and our customers expect.​